Why Red Door?

When I was a little girl, my parents would take me and my brother out to my great-grandparents’ farm at the base of the Old Rag Mountain in Sperryville, Virginia. I remember fondly walking through that creaky screen door into a soft pillowy cloud of flour in the air and the smell of my grandmother’s biscuits in the oven. I would play on the porch swing for hours, soak up the sun, eat fresh sticky peaches from their orchard and smell the lilacs in the fragrant air. Some of my fondest memories come from that vintage white farmhouse with its joyful red door, and that’s what inspired the name for my business.

Doors symbolize opportunity, discovery and a journey from one place to the next. Walking through the streets of my hometown in Virginia, the red doors symbolize “welcome” and hospitality, which is at the heart of my brand. Growing up in the south taught me the importance of community, connection and hospitality. These are the qualities that guide my business and how I show up for my clients each day. 

The Red Door was the perfect fit as I stepped into my mentoring business, and it’s symbolic for the small business clients we help every day. They’re standing on the edge of opportunity, and we’re excited to help them open the door to new possibilities for their business. 

hey y’all, I’m Tammy

I am a doer, a thinker, a character and a motivator. I believe each day holds an opportunity to grow and learn new things. I approach life with honesty, vulnerability and an understanding that change is inevitable. I strive to live with grace, to appreciate what I have and to share what I know with others. 

After spending 15 years as a project manager at a Fortune 500 company, I left my corporate life behind to pursue my passion in photography. It was a huge (and somewhat terrifying) leap of faith, but I knew there was something more personal and satisfying out there for me and my family. After five years of building my creative business, I started Red Door Mentoring to share what I’ve learned with other entrepreneurs to help them grow a business they will love.

My favorite things are family, sweet tea, daisies, puppies, beaches, summer sun, tree swings, comfy boots, books and porch swings.

Meet Beau

Our family welcomed Beau, our Australian Shepherd, in the spring of 2020 after the heartbreak of losing our beloved Sheltie, Sam. He helped us embrace fresh beginnings, joy and laughter in a time of uncertainty, and we are so thankful for him. He brings a smile to every face, and I am so excited to officially make him part of my brand. He keeps us grounded and reinforces the importance of celebrating the everyday when it comes to owning a business.

Beau’s favorite things are belly rubs, long walks, wet smooches, squeaky toys digging holes (bad dog!) and his people.

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