Hello! I’m so happy you are here and excited about what we can accomplish together. Chances are you landed on this page for one of these reasons: 

We are here to partner with you so you can get some things off your plate and give your mind the chance to focus on the work you love doing. Afterall, that’s why you opened your business- to pursue your passion and feed your soul, am I right? We have several mentoring programs and resources to empower you with a focused direction and action plans to navigate your business so you can feel confident and successful in your decisions. We got your back and believe in your business. Let’s do this together.. 

Our Services

Profitability Sessions

Starting at $495

Branding Sessions

Starting at $495


Starting at $1495

Marketing Strategies

Starting at $495

Online Courses

Starting at $195


Starting at $49/month

Private Mentoring

Starting at $295/hour

Profitability Sessions

Let’s be honest, most of us would rather do ANYTHING other than focus on the numbers in our business (unless you are a nerd like me). But numbers CAN be sexy and knowing the financials of your business and setting clear financial goals is the greatest superpower you can have. (I can see your red cape now.) 

We have several mentoring programs designed to increase your profitability and provide a foundation for your business to make money. After all, that’s why you started your business, right?


A brand is the “experience” or “voice” of your business and it sets the tone for how clients feel when they interact with your services. You want to build a brand that is embedded in what makes you unique and also speaks to the clients that you want to attract and serve. Our Branding Sessions will help create your voice in your brand so you can show up authentically and draw in your ideal clients. 

What people are saying

“With the impacts of COVID this year, I was drowning and feeling overwhelmed by the changes I had to make in my business. My mentoring sessions with Tammy provided me with so much clarity and it’s a relief to have a step by step plan to grow and focus on in my business. She’s given me so much confidence and worth every penny and we are not even finished yet!”

- Kathy Gendreau; Steamboat Studio

Branding Photography

You have created a brand you love, and now you need authentic images that connect with your ideal audience. Branding photography shows your clients who is behind the services they are buying and gives them a way to get to know you and trust you. You are at the heart of your brand, and we want your clients to feel connected to you through your images.


There is no doubt that social media can be a POWERFUL marketing tool for your business. We have online and offline (yes, that is a thing!) marketing strategies that will build your following and drive traffic to your business. Consistency is key, and we’ll help you make sure your brand shines at every opportunity to connect with customers.

Private Mentoring

Feeling a little stuck in one particular area? Our private mentoring services take a deep dive into key areas of your business to help you keep moving forward. They’re personalized to your needs and focused on helping you achieve your goals. 

Online Courses

Want to work at your own pace? Our online course options educate you on our proven methods and processes to break down the work and enable you to take actionable steps to improve your business.


Need some help in several different areas of your business? Our memberships give you the option of weekly or monthly (your choice!) work sessions where we construct the fundamental building blocks of your business from the ground up. We will walk beside you on this journey and help with goals, action plans and tracking as you grow your business.

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